One of the main questions we get here at Live Wooden is, how can something made of wood be sustainable or good for the environment?
Well, here's our answer …



Look almost anywhere you will see things made from wood. Bamboo, birch, and cherry take a third to half as long as an oak tree to reach maturity. These trees can be re-grown and planted relatively easily allowing their wood to be an eco-friendly alternative building material. 


Wood is undeniably beautiful. Each product is unique. Each product displays its own character. Our love for the natural beauty of wood, and superior wooden products, is what drives us to create sustainable, innovative designs. 


Never before has owning a wooden accessory been so easy. All of our products are designed with practicality in mind. With moisture resistant parts and finishes, it is exceedingly simple take care of your wooden accessory (including replacing parts) and maximize longevity.

Global Impact

Today, many people live in present-focused communities where the consequences of deforestation and pollution are not top priorities. So, Live Wooden is partnering with reforestation organizations in order to make a difference by pledging to plant a tree for every product sold. 


Live Wooden is a proudly Canadian company dedicated to providing sustainable and attractive wooden products through a clean, polished, and customer-oriented shopping experience. Hard work and beautiful craftsmanship are just two ideals that help to set us apart. At Live Wooden, all of our products are truly unique and we guarantee that you will find the perfect accessory for any occasion.

Our love for nature and need for superior wooden products is what drives us to create sustainable and innovative designs. Since the beginning of time, humans have been fascinated by wood's natural beauty and durability as a building material. Now, you can unleash your love for nature. Never before have style, practicality, and sustainability been so attainable. Make a statement with our wooden accessories. Bring nature and its tranquility along with you wherever you go. Become an urban outsider! So, what are you waiting for? Join Live Wooden's revolution of wooden fashion today!

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